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City Museum: Rimini Autumn photos
Dal 25 September al 25 October
Feeling at home - Cesura. The Rimini that exists, but cannot be seen (yet) - The red curtain

Phone: +39 0541 793851

The Rimini Tiberio Open Workshop, a place of innovation and sharing, embrances the "Rimini Foto d'autunno" project, and dedicates to photography the physical spaces of the whole new wing of the City Museum, entrusting a photographic project to each floor of the building.
On the first floor the traveling photographic exhibition 'Sentirsi a casa'/'Feeling at Home'. Feeling at home, curated by Giusy Tigano and conceived by GT Art Photo Agency, consists of the work of nine excellent authors: Isabella Balena, Franco Carlisi, Francesco Cito, Luca Cortese, Pierfranco Fornasieri, Gianni Maffi, Carlo Riggi, PioTarantini and Daniele Vita. Each photographer shows the sense of "home" according to their own sensitivity, their own language and their own poetics.
The project – is proposed in its full version consisting of 115 works.
On the second floor, space for CESURA, a collective of internationally renowned photographers. The Rimini that exists, but cannot be seen (yet): this is the leitmotif - and title of the project - that CESURA, a collective of photographers founded in 2008, has followed to tell the city through Photobuster, a photographic project born with the aim of documenting the territory from an authorial and independent point of view.
The third floor of the modern wing, hosts the photographic project by Elisabetta Aquaviva 'La tenda rossa'/'The red curtain', a report based on a reflection on how the menstrual cycle is still experienced today and its implications in human, social, cultural, economic and political terms .


Period of development: From Saturday 25 September to Monday 25 October 2021

Time: Inauguration: Saturday 25 September 6.30pm
From Tuesday to Friday 9.30am-1.00pm 4.00pm-7.00pm
Saturday and Sunday 10.00am-7.00pm

Entrance: Fee payable


Ala Nuova del Museo della Città, via Tonini, 1 - Rimini centro storico


0541 793851