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Meeting per l'amicizia fra i popoli-Meeting for friendship among peoples: XLII Edition
Dal 20 al 25 August
The courage to say I

Phone: +39 0541 783100

An international event, a crossroad of testimonies and experiences of different cultural origins: a lively and unique event on the world scene, it deals with crucial issues, in free and open dialogue among the most interesting personalities of culture, politics and faith.
The forty-second edition will return to the Rimini Fair, which will be prepared to manage the influx of the public in strict compliance with the rules for the prevention of the spread of Coronavirus. At the same time, will be enhanced the digital infrastructure (around 3 million people connected online last edition), the app, the Youtube channel and the television broadcasters of the media partners SkyTg and Avvenire, and newspapers, from Corriere Tv to Tv2000.
Essentiality, simplicity and synthesis. These are the characteristic features of the 2021 edition of the Meeting for friendship among peoples in continuity with the immediacy and visual and communicative flexibility of the 2020 Special Edition. With the title "The courage to say I ", the next Meeting is an invitation to rediscover the consistency and greatness of one's life so that through responsibility, dialogue and creativity it becomes ever more full and fruitful.

The virtual exhibition 'The face rediscovered - The unmistakable features of Christ' is available free of charge on the Meeting website www.meetingrimini.org. The exhibition documents the desire to see the Face of God, which characterized the Old Testament and cross the history of the Church, but also the profound link between this desire and the certainty of the Fathers that Christ himself left us His portrait as a gift. Starting from the fifth century, we retrace the events of the oldest portraits of Christ "acheropiti" (not made by man's hand), authoritative models of a face with unmistakable features, recognizable throughout history, in the West as well as in the East. Info tel. +39 0541- 728565 info@meetingmostre.com

Period of development: From Friday 20 to Wednesday 25 August 2021