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Francesca 2021: Tribute to Dante and Francesca da Rimini on the seventh centenary of the poet's death
Dal 8 March al 19 December

Rimini and Gradara for a day at the center of the world thanks to Dante and Francesca da Rimini. With WORLDWIDE KISSES, the ecumenical Flash mob, Tribute to Dante and Francesca da Rimini, on 8 March, 5 continents, 21 universities, 30 teachers and 100 young people of every ethnicity and 18 languages, have been connected live streaming from the Galli Theater in Rimini to celebrate Francesca da Rimini, Dante and the Divine Comedy of which Francesca is the most beloved and celebrated character, reciting the verses dedicated to her.
A 10-hour marathon with the most famous kisses of love and passion in literature of all time, those of Francesca, enveloping the world in a choral embrace built on the reading of the verses about Francesca from the V Canto of the 'Inferno' that were interpreted freely by each university. On 8 March 20,651 people were reached by the FB page and 17,090 by the event, for a total of 37,741 contacts in 4 weeks. And 4,851 visits to the website in one day.
The entire video of the day, celebrating this original event for Dante's 7th death centenary, is available at this link www.bacidalmondo.com 
21 were the extraordinary performances made by the students who fascinated and moved the whole world, overcoming every barrier and the many difficulties created by the pandemic.
The connections were made from: Adelaide, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Bologna, Buenos Aires, Ekaterinburg, Friborg, Gottingen, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Madison, Madrid, Mariupol, Msida, New York, Paris, Pesaro, Quito, Ravenna, San Marino , San Paolo, Santiniketan, Shanghai, Siena, Toronto. A documentary and a printed publication will be produced and distributed for educational and didactic purposes.
The event, conceived by Ferruccio Farina, a scholar who is passionate about the subject and organized by the Francesca da Rimini International Study Center, the prestigious scientific committee with international danteans, is part of the "Francesca 2021" project and starts the celebrations of the Malatesta territories between Romagna and Marche which include a rich program of exhibitions, shows, events, educational activities, guided tours, aimed at recovering attention for history, arts, memory and, above all, for the positive values ​​that Francesca represents.
After the appointment of 8 March, on the occasion of the RIMINIDANTEday (March,25th), the planetary poetic marathon has move right into the center of the city of Francesca: Rimini, in Piazza Cavour, paradoxically empty due to the pandemic. The performances were screened on the facades of the Municipal buildings in a reduced version from 7.30pm on Wednesday 24th to 6.30am on Thursday 25th March. Live streaming on www.bacidalmondo.com/dantedi

Period of development: From 8 March 2021 onwards

Additional notes:

Why did the project start on March 8th? The myth of Francesca da Rimini, who appears with Dante, explodes with the Enlightenment and Romanticism to affirm a woman who is no longer a sinner but an innocent victim of deceptions and violence, an emblem of beauty, freedom and courage: faithful beyond life to the man whom they had made her believe her husband. A warrior Francesca, whose mission, even today, with over fifty thousand women killed every year by close companions or family members and with twelve million young people forced to marry at a minor age, cannot be said to be over.

The project, promoted by the Municipalities of Rimini and Gradara, is part of the official calendar of the National Committee for Dante's Celebrations 2021.