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Cinema Teatro Tiberio: Original is better
Dal 13 al 27 January
Film festival in original language with Italian subtitles

Phone: +39 328 2571483

Cinema Tiberio presents Original is better, the original version films subtitled in Italian every Thursday.
Each week, depending on the availability of the original version, the weekly title will be presented in programming in the original language, with a double screening at 5 pm and 9 pm.
Those who prefer the dubbed version in Italian the films are available on the following days, from Friday to Sunday (screening times at 9 pm, Saturday and Sunday also at 5 pm).
The first appointment in the original version, Thursday 13 January, is with A year with Salinger, a comedy directed by Philippe Falardeau with Margaret Qualley, Sigourney Weaver and Douglas Booth: based on the autobiographical book by Joanna Rakoff, the film tells the adventures of Joanna, aspiring poet dedicated to dealing with correspondence in a publishing house with the inaccessible JD Salinger, the author of "The Catcher in the Rye". The shows in dubbed version in Italian are instead scheduled from Friday 14 to Sunday 16 January (9 pm, Saturday and Sunday also at 5 pm).
The following appointments will be with One Second by Zhang Ymou (Chinese language), a magnificent story dedicated to the beauty of cinema on Thursday 20 January and Jazz Noir (English language) by Rolf Van Ejik, a film that investigates the causes of the death of the great jazz trumpeter Chet Baker. .


Period of development: Every Thursday in January 2022

Time: At 5.00pm and 9.00pm

Entrance: Fee payable

Entrance fee: 7 €

Reduced fees: 6 €


Thursday 13 January –  5:00pm and  9:00pm

Thursday 20 January – 5:00pm and  9:00pm
ONE SECOND (chinese)

Thursday 27 January –5:00pm and  9:00pm
JAZZ NOIR (English)

Additional notes:

Tickets available on www.liveticket.it/cinematiberio
Access to the theatre is allowed only upon presentation of the super green pass, wearing an ffp2 mask (mandatory).


Cinema Teatro Tiberio, via San Giuliano 16 - Rimini Borgo San Giuliano


328 2571483