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Art rEvolution - Where art comes to life
Dal 1 al 17 October
Interactive art exhibition from Botticelli to Warhol

Phone: +39 0541 387995

Ten of the most important works in the history of art come to life in an innovative interactive museum, to tell viewers their story and the mysteries hidden under the canvas.
The virtual art exhibition is created with the use of an innovative mix technologies such as face tracking and augmented reality, with the use of 3D animations applied to the most popular works of art.
A path that crosses over five centuries of art history, from the Renaissance to Pop Art. On display the stories of: The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, Bacchus by Caravaggio, Le Bar de les Folies-Bergère by Edouard Manet, Self-portrait by Van Gogh, The Scream by Munch, Adele Block-Bauer I by Klimt, Jeanne Hébuterne by Modigliani, American Gothic by Grant Wood, Shot Marilyns by Warhol.
The ten works of art were selected by experts and reworked in a digital version with a software capable of recognizing the public. All the paintings exhibited in the exhibition are activated by the passage of the spectators and tell, in Italian and English, the story of their creation accompanied by curiosities and precious information about their authors.

Period of development: From Friday 1 to Sunday 17 October 2021

Time: From 9.00am to 9.00pm

Entrance: Fee payable


Centro Commerciale Le Befane, via Caduti di Nassiriya, 20 - Rimini


0541 387995