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208. Public installation by Gio Tirotto
Dal 5 December al 30 June
Installation of lights on the water at Tiberious Bridge for Luxmas

From 5 December, a true tribute to experimental contemporary design will illuminate the surface of the suare on the water near Tiberius Bridge, with a light installation by one of the most interesting studios on the Italian creative scene.
The Municipality of Rimini, in collaboration with the Open Laboratory, commissioned the designer Gio Tirotto, project 208, a light installation on the water that laps the Bridge of Tiberius, in Borgo San Giuliano. Curated by Maria Cristina Didero, 208 is a public installation with a universal message, an imposing and evocative light sculpture that can be enjoyed by all. 208 are the nations of the world and 208 are the buoys in the large basin near the Tiberius Bridge.
Gio Tirotto's buoys live in their natural element, but, out of their original functionality, they gain a completely symbolic one: hope and desire of a finally united world. Absorbing the sunlight during the day, at dusk the opal rhombuses of 208 begin their light dance transforming the surrounding landscape into an unusual symphony of flashes.
The installation, which started as part of the 'Luxmas' Christmas initiatives, will remain to illuminate the waters of the reservoir until late spring, accompanying the initiatives for the 2000th anniversary of Tiberius Bridge (21 - 2021).

Period of development: From 5 December 2020 to summer 2021