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Vigils and Mazzapegul
Historical origins:

The tradition of vigils and tales of goblins, witches and bandits who terrorized the children, was a precious moment of social interaction, especially in the countryside of Romagna. The stories, often almost incredible, were continually enriched and exaggerated:astonishment  could terrorise the listeners as well as make them laugh to the death.
Among the topics of the vigils told in front of the fireplace during the cold winter nights, were the stories of the pitfalls and the teasing made ​​by elves (i Fulett) that instilled terror to the younger.
The Mazapegul is the typical elf of Romagna, mischievous and clumsy who spends his nights annoying the young girls and not only...
According to the popular tradition of Romagna this strange little creature, half a little monkey and half a little baby, used to wear a red cap that he left out the room of the person who harassed. It is said that this comical elf fell in love with the young people of the house, chasing them, ruffling their hair, creeping under their skirts. Jealous and vengeful, the farmers were holding a pitchfork under the bed to keep him away.