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The skyscraper in Rimini
example of modern architecture in the late 50s

The skyscraper in Rimini was built in two years time between October 1957 and October 1959. It is 100 metres high with 27 floors and 180 flats.
It is situated in a very central position between the sea side and the historic centre, very close to the main railway station. It is a dinstinctive sign in a town which draws millions of tourists from all over the world.

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary its flat owners have organized a day of celebrations on 3rd October 2010: memories, declarations, improvisations

Five years after the celebrations, a project of a film dedicated to this building is taking shape. The film, directed by Marco Bertozzi, is entitled The Community and is now in an advanced stage of processing and aims to be an intersection of looks of a city that stands vertically in the skyline of the Adriatic www.thecommunityfilm.com



Viale principe Amedeo, 11 - Rimini