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Paolo V's statue

This statue, located in the centre of Piazza Cavour was created as an act of devotion to the Pope following the model designed by Nicola Cordier. It  was cast by Sebastiano Sebastiani in 1613. He added the relief of the chair and the mantle. The city of Rimini is portrayed in the back of the throne.
At the end of the 18th century, the people of Rimini feared it would be destroyed by Napoleon and decided to cancel the epigraph from the marble pedestal and replace the papal tiara with a bishop 's mitre, so transgforming  Paul V into San Gaudenzo, the patron saint of the city.

The statue was recently restored, but people still associate it with the figure of San Gaudenzo.

Getting there: City centre by car: Motorway A14 "Rimini Sud" Exit; straight ahead direction Rimini centro for about 3 kms. Useful parking areas: 1) p.zza Malatesta 2) Rocca Malatestiana 3) p.zza Ferrari 4) Ponte di Tiberio 5) Arco d'Augusto 6) largo Gramsci. By train: from the railway station straight ahead (v.le Dante)up to Piazza Tre Martiri. By air: bus n.9 - bus stop Arco d' Augusto or Railway Station

Tourist area: adriatic coast



Piazza Cavour - Rimini