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Cattedrale di Santa Colomba
The ancient cathedral

Dedicated to Saint Colomba (a martyr, originally from France, who was venerated mostly by the common people), this church was consacrated and became a cathedral in 1154.
In the Medieval period, after some restoration and transformation, it became the hub of city life; the splendour and the solemnity of its architectural lines make this the most prestigious building of the period.
The bell tower was built in the 13th century and used to house the sacristy.
Unfortunately, today the recently restored bell tower is all what remains of the ancient cathedral. (Of note, on the north face of the cathedral, is the sharply curved window).

Getting there: The Church is located in Piazza Malatesta, on the right-hand-side of Castel Sismondo in the city centre. by car: Motorway A14 "Rimini Sud" Exit; straight ahead direction Rimini centro for about 3 km. Useful parking areas: 1) p.zza Malatesta 2) Rocca Malatestiana 3) Ponte di Tiberio 4) Arco d'Augusto 5) largo Gramsci by train: from the railway station straight ahead to Piazza Tre Martiri, then to the right beyond Cavour square by air: from the airport bus n.9 - bus stop Arco d' Augusto or Railway Station

Tourist area: Adriatic coast