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Castel Sismondo
Fortress-residence of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, Lord of Rimini 1432-1468

Phone: 0541/787673 - 0541/56902 (tourist information)

The Castle is located in Piazza Malatesta and is one of the city's most important monuments. Unfortunately, what remains today is but a fraction of what was once a majestic fortified palace commissioned and designed by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta as a manifestation of his power and prestige.
The palace was located in an area that was strategically important to the city's defense - the walls surrounding the Roman city passed here.
Construction began in 1437 and not only extended on already existing structures, but created new ones as well. There were 160 windows, six tall towers and, like all palaces at that time, it was surrounded by a deep moat with four drawbridges, all of which occupied an area of about 3,000 square metres!
Inside the castle there were large luxurious rooms with the strangest names (such as "The Snail's Bedroom" and "The Cricket's Room") where Sigismondo and his divine Isotta lived.
The fortress was a visual representation of the power and strength of the Malatesta family at the apex of their dominion but already, under the government of the Papacy, the building was subjected to various transformations and readaptations.
The walls were partially demolished and the towers disappeared, the outer walls, the surrounding trench and what remained of the structure became a jail untill 1967.
Only a small part of the original structure has survived the ravages of the passing centuries, but depictions of the original palace can still be seen today on the bronze medallion by Matteo de' Pasti and the fresco by Piero della Francesca in the Chapel of Relics inside the Malatesta Temple.
Nowadays, the castle, after accurate restauration works, is the prestigious venue for numerous cultural events.

Getting there: City center How to get to the city center: by car: Motorway A14 "Rimini Sud" Exit; straight ahead direction Rimini centro for about 3 km. Useful parking areas: 1) piazza Malatesta 2) Rocca Malatestiana 3)Ponte di Tiberio 4) largo Gramsci by train: from the railway station straight ahead (v.le Dante) upto Piazza Tre Martiri, then to the right beyond piazza Cavour by air: bus n.9 - bus stop Arco d' Augusto or Railway Station

Tourist area: adriatic coast



Piazza Malatesta - Rimini