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17 Km da Rimini

Phone: 0541 670222

Getting there:

By car: from Rimini 16,5 km, Statale 258, after Villa Verucchio turn left.
Travel time about 30 minutes.

By bus: Local buses runs every day, weekdays and Sundays: bus n° 160 to Verucchio; bus n° 164-166 to Torriana and n° 166 to Montebello (tel. 0541 300850).
Travel time: about 45 minutes.
From Villa Verucchio is available Valmabass, a bus which runs from Villa Verucchio up to Verucchio, Piazza Malatesta. The service is on booking by calling +39 328 3907692 or +39 331 1150239 from Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 12 am.

Bike routes: from Rimini to Covignano, San Martino dei Mulini, Villa Verucchio and then Verucchio, 30 km.
Degree of difficulty: medium.
Travel time: about 1 hour.

The Malatesta territory

The Valmarecchia valley was already 3000 years ago a villanovian settlement and there are important witness in the Archaeological Museum hosted in the old Sant’Agostino convent.
Around the year 1000 the country was linked to the Malatesta family.
The name "Verucchio" would mean a 'real eye' of Romagna for its strategic location.

Additional notes:
Local food tradition:
Besides the ever-present piadina with prosciutto, salame etc, the excellent traditional noodles "tagliatelle" with meat sauce and grilled mixed meat with mutton. There are strong flavors of the forest with mushrooms, truffles and hunted animals.
The Valmarecchia valley produces an excellent Sangiovese.
A good Cagnina wine is also produced with success.
Shopping and souvenirs:
In the nice artisan shops you can find printed canvas, embroidery and rustic furnitures.
Villa Verucchio has a suggestive Convento dei Frati Minori Francescani (tel. 0541/6784179)with the secular cypress that the legend says was planted by the San Francesco.
In Villa Verucchio is situated Rimini Golf Club (0541/678122) and, while you are in the green valley you can admire the fortresses of Valmarecchia
Torriana, a few km from Verucchio, was named in the past "Scorticata" for the roughness of the rock, almost totally without vegetation, where the Fortress is built.
Another castle perfectly preserved and open to visit is Montebello and it is part of the series of fortifications that the Malatesta family built during their domain in the territory.