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Torriana and Montebello
km 25 from Rimini

Phone: 0541/675220 (Information Office) - 0541/675180 (Castle)

Getting there:

by car: Rimini - Torriana, about 20km, from Santarcangelo di Romagna. The journey takes about 30 minutes. To get to Montebello just go a few kilometres beyond Torriana, along the only road leading to the fortress.

by bus: for Torriana and Montebello, no. 9 of the local bus line upto Santarcangelo and then bus no.166 (Tel: 0541/300850.

by bike: from Rimini to Santarcangelo, Poggio Berni and then Torriana, 20 km. No difficulty until the junction for Torriana, then very difficult on the last 3 km until the village. It will take about an hour.

The mystery of Azzurrina still flutters about the fortress.

Torriana, a few kilometres from Verucchio, was called Scorticata (skinned) in ancient times because of the ruggedness of the rock peak, almost completely bare of vegetation, on which the fortress stands. The view of the coast is enchanting and because of it the village is known as the balcony of Romagna.

Another perfectly preserved castle that may be visited is in Montebello, which is only a few kilometres away and continues the series of fortifications that the Malatestas strengthened during their dominion.
Sometime around the year 1375 a little girl disappeared from Montebello and her body was never found. Legend says  that every lustrum, in the years that end in 0 or 5....Azzurrina, that is the name of the little girl,  still flutters about the fortress.

Additional notes:
Typical cuisine: The gastronomic choices are many and can satisfy the most demanding palates. The cuisine is simple and authentic consisting in large part of home made pasta including strozzapreti and tagliatelle. The main courses are abundant with roast meat and game, including wild boar. The desserts reflect the traditions of ciambella and home-made tarts.

Wines: Sangiovese and Trebbiano are produced in the entire area with good results.

Purchases and souvenirs: The typical craftsman in Romagna produces printed cloth, ceramics and rustic terracotta items.



0541 629701


0541/675207 (Pro Loco Valmarecchia)