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San Leo
30 km from Rimini

Organization: Turist Office

Phone: 0541/916306 - 926967 Numero Verde 800 553800

Fax: 0541/926973

Getting there:

by car: 32 km from Rimini, Statale 258 direction Arezzo, in Pietracuta turn left. The journey takes about 45 minutes.

by bus: bus lines provides daily service, with transfer in Pietracuta.
Start from Rimini at8.42am – change in Pietracuta at 9.27am – arrival in San Leo at 9.45pm
Start from Rimini at 1.15pm – change in Pietracuta at 2pm – arrival in San Leo at 2.20pm
Start from San Leo at 1pm - change in Pietracuta at 1.20pm - arrival in Rimini at 2.17pm
Start from San Leo at 5.55pm - change in Pietracuta at 6.13pm - arrival in Rimini at 8.57pm

Bus 160 - Agenzia Start Romagna (tel.0541/300811 www.startromagna.it) e Bus 102 Adriabus (tel.0541/392920 www.adriabus.eu ). Bus lines provides daily service, with transfer in Pietracuta in Summer (around 15th June– around 15th September) with Bus 165 Start Romagna.

by bike: see directions for Verucchio, then proceed along Statale 258 from Pietracuta to San Leo. The first part of the route is of medium difficulty while the last few kilometres are very difficult.
The ride should take about 1 hour and 40 minutes.


The castle is constructed on a crag considered to be impregnable which appears to have resisted any human intervention. On entering through the single gateway that consents access to the village, one immediately takes note of the stupendous evidence of culture and civilization, from the square with its Romanesque Parish Church to the Duomo and the fortress where Cagliostro was imprisoned.
Giuseppe Balsamo, called Count Cagliostro, was born in Palermo in 1743 and lived by his wits during his youth. During his life he became an important figure in Masonic circles.
The mystery that surrounds the many activities by Cagliostro helps to keep alive the interest on him.
His fame as an alchemist and healer reached the most important courts in Europe, from London to St. Petersburg, where he became friends with important personalities such as Schiller and Goethe. At the court of Versailles, he met the powerful Cardinal de Rohan, who involved him into the mysterious affaire du collier, a plot to defame the Queen Marie Antoinette and that opened the way for the French Revolution.
He openly challenged the Curch by founding a Lodge dedicated to Egyptian Rites and assuming the title of "Gran Cofto d’Egitto".
But the Inquisition arrested him 27th December 1789 and sentenced him to death. Pope Pius VI gave him the grace and the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in the fortress of San Leo. Here he was confined in a cell without doors into which he was lowered through a trapdoor in the ceiling.
On 26th August 1795, the famous adventurer, died in the fortress due to a stroke.

Opening time of the Museums:
Museo della Fortezza and Palazzo Mediceo with Museo d'arte Sacra
From October to March:
Working days: 10am – 1pm / 2pm – 6.15pm
Holidays: 10am – 6.45pm

From April to September
Everyday: 9.30am – 6.45pm
The entrance is not allowed from 45 minutes before the colsing time.

Events - For information on exhibitions and museums or booking of guided tours please contact the Tourist Office IAT

Additional notes: Local cuisine: the choice of various types of pasta includes hand-rolled strozzapreti made without the addition of eggs.
Rabbit roasted with wild fennel is a typical dish; the pecorino cheese is "authentic" and the spiced cotechino sausage with legumes is unusual; the Prosciutto di Carpegna ham is especially delicious.

Wines: Tradition dictates that the robust Sangiovese wine should accompany the area's cuisine. Among the white wines there is Trebbiano and Frizzantino Galante, a sparkling wine produced in Verucchio.

Purchases and souvenirs: Ceramic items that may be purchased include pharmacy jars. In the square there is an expert antique furniture restorer.
The 16th November 2013, the Italian Post Office has released a special stamp dedicated to S. Leo. It is a limited edition in the series dedicated to the tourism. An acknowledgment which also Scanno, the Ponza island and Tropea has obtained in 2013

In Pietramaura, 3km from San Leo, visitors can find a place where they still weave wool blankets by hand.

A look around: before reaching to San Leo, turning right on a secondary street, one finds the Romanesque parish church of Sant’Igne, with a nice courtyard. Also the woods of Monte Carpegna (1415 mlm), with a stop on the Eremo, are well worth a visit.



Palazzo Mediceo - piazza Dante Alighieri, 14 S. Leo


0541 916306