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50 km from Rimini

Phone: 0544 35755 - 0544 35404

Fax: 0544 35094

Getting there:

by car: from Rimini the most direct route is the Romea, but generally the traffic is very intense along the 50 kilometres.
A much faster alternative is to take the A14 Rimini Sud - Cesena Nord, then the E45 until Ravenna. The journey takes about 40 minutes.

by train: Rimini - Ravenna, frequent service. Bicycles may be transported on some trains. The journey takes about 1 hour.

Eight monuments that have been declared a global heritage for all humanity

Serene and resplendent Byzantine Ravenna, the capital of barbarian Italy. Situated on the coast, this town has a total of eight monuments that have been declared to be a precious heritage for all of humanity.
This is enormous but well-deserved recognition of the splendour of the mosaics hidden within the quiet, simple architecture of the basilicas constructed of small bricks.
Ravenna, like all cities rich in art and history, must be taken in unhurriedly. If you are pressed for time it is advisable to experience just a few things intensely, allowing yourself to be swept up in the ineffable atmosphere that can only be perceived here.

Additional notes: Typical cuisine: the cuisine of Romagna and of the sea. Home-made pasta reigns supreme, with piada and crescioni close behind. All types of condiments go well with garganelli or tagliatelle. Risotto is prepared with folaga, a Valley moorhen, and with piada you may try the audacious end-of-the-meal combination of squacquerone cheese and jam, home-made apricot jam if possible. A typical dessert is crema di Ravenna.

Wines: the city, alas, does not produce wine. What then should accompany the fragrant piada or the savoury roast meats?
For its wine Ravenna takes advantage of what the stupendous hills of Brisighella have to offer, such as Sangiovese and Albana. One can also find the wines of Ferrara since the area where these are produced extends to Cervia.

Purchases and souvenirs: The mosaic reproductions deserve careful attention and if you are looking for something less commercial it would be wise to visit one of the qualified botteghe.
For antique books and prints one should go to specialized bookshops.