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Phone: Cooperativa Grotte di Onferno 0541.984694; 0541 85.40.60 / 85.40.80 (Comune di Gemmano)

Getting there:

by car: The caves are 30km away from Rimini. Take Strada Statale 16 in the direction of Riccione (south) until the exit for Morciano. From Morciano follow the road that runs along the course of the River Conca in the direction of Santa Maria del Piano, turning left for Onferno further ahead. Another route, which is more winding but also more panoramic, is the one that turns left toward Gemmano. The first route is faster (less than 1 hour), while the other is more demanding and longer.

by train: Rimini station, then bus

by bus: no. 124 from Rimini changing in Morciano for the no. 172. The trip will take just over an hour and a half

by bike: The route which takes you to Gemmano and then descends to Onferno is a difficult one with steep climbs, suitable for indefatigable mountain bikers. The alternative, which follows directions for Santa Maria del Piano, is much easier.

From Gemmano, descending toward the Conca valley one comes to Onferno, Castrum Inferni in ancient times, where evocative Karst caves may be visited.
The visit is adventure-filled (the caves are inhabited by a numerous colony of bats) and is also a chance to discover the pristine environment of Onferno's Natural Reserve.
In the Reserve, apart from the Caves there is a Museum, a Botanical Garden and, in the village called Castello dell'Inferno, there is a panoramic terrace.

Additional notes: Local cuisine: food typical of Romagna, but with some robust flavours of the Marche region in the various types of roast meat.

Wines: Locally produced wines such as Sangiovese and Trebbiano.

Purchases and souvenirs: In Santa Maria del Piano there are many workshops where terracotta items are produced.
It is also easy to find farms where natural and biological products, including honey, fruit, wine and various kinds of cheese may be bought.