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Voices in the cloisters: festival of Choirs
Dal 9 July al 10 September
Choral concerts in the courtyards and cloisters of Emilia Romagna

Phone: +39 051 006 7024

Vocal music has always resounded in the cloisters and courtyards, places dedicated to the cult of the soul or civil life.
The twelfth Cori Festival recreate the harmonies that pervaded the city for so many centuries. The participating choirs have chosen sacred and profane repertoires, ancient and modern, precisely to characterize the event to the fullest.
The voice, a cappella or accompanied by instruments, represents man's first attempt to "make music" and has maintained an aura of mystery. Personal instrument par excellence, bearer of a thousand emotions, the voice of the choir offers moments of tension and pleasant listening, as well as visions of life lived under the arcades.
The artistic director of the choral festival is Andrea Angelini, president of AERCO.
The festival in Rimini, presents two events: Friday 9 July 2021 at: 9:00pm the Choir Carla Amori - Coro Città di Riccione performs at the Church of the Crucifix, while Friday 10 September at 9:40pm it is the turn of the Corone choir - Bologna So.WL Singers at the Church of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice.

Period of development: Friday 9 July, 10 September 2021

Time: Friday 9 July 9.00pm
Friday 10 September 9.40pm

Entrance: Free


9 July 2021 - at 9 pm
Coro Carla Amori – Coro Città di Riccione
Chiesa del Crocifisso
Via del Crocifisso, 17 – Rimini

10 September 2021 - at 9.40 pm
Corone – Bologna So.W.L. Singers
Chiesa Santa Maria Ausiliatrice
Via Regina Elena 7 – Rimini




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