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Pilates on the beach
Dal 21 June al 23 August
Appointment at sunset on Friday

Phone: 347.9531092; 391.7777870

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Joseph Pilates developed an interest in fitness, through many training methods including yoga, gymnastics and body building in order to strengthen the state of health. With the skills acquired and the understanding of the body functioning, he created a method of training able to heal a weakened body and strengthen a healthy one, Pilates
In Summer in Rimini there are free lessons of Pilates at sunset in the area of the pier in front of the free beach. A chance for everyone to try this discipline capable of improving muscle tone, posture, flexibility, balance, breathing and joint mobility. An opportunity open to everyone.  The participants need only to bring a mat or towel to do the exercises on the ground.

Period of development: Friday 21 June, 26 July e 23 August 2019

Time: at 6.30 pm

Additional notes:

The workout of Pialtes proposed by STUDIO PILATES ME allow you to:
Improve fitness and general state of health
Increase the ability to concentrate, reducing the tension and stress
Rebalance the posture
Improve strength, muscle elasticity and mobility of joints
Optimize sporting performance
Develop the muscles that support the spine eliminating chronic pain
To face better the period of pre and post pregnancy with energy.


Rimini, Piazzale Boscovich


347 9531092