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Postponed until autumn the 93rd Alpine National Muster in Rimini
Dal 23 al 25 October
The first time of the Penne Nere ('black feathers') in Rimini, on the centenary of the national gathering

Phone: +39 0541 1832324

The 'Black feathers' (this is how the Italian mountain troops are nicknamed) arrive for the first time on the Riviera.
It will be a special edition because 100 years have passed since the first spontaneous meeting of the Alpine troops.
A record participation is expected. The 2020 gathering will in fact be the first in Italy and abroad, involving the territory including San Marino and it is estimated that around 500 thousand people will partecipate. The highlight will be the great parade with one hundred thousand 'Black feathers', among the approximately 350 thousand registered at the Ana, divided into 110 sections, 80 in Italy and 30 abroad.
Among them there will also be 4,500 members of the Bolognese-Romagna section of the Ana "Angelo Manaresi", chaired by Vittorio Costa, who also includes citizens from the Republic of San Marino.

The gathering, at first scheduled from 7 to 10 May in Rimini, has been postponed to the second half of October (23rd - 25th) to cope with coronavirus emergency.

Period of development: Event POSTPONED TO 23rd - 25th OCTOBER 2020