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Underwater tour

Underwater tour

Under the sea of ​​Rimini there is a treasure. It is not shimmering and golden like that of pirates but it is precious, although unknown to most people. A dive to discover the history, flora and fauna in the waters of the Adriatic sea. Not everyone knows that Rimini also offers many diving spots and wrecks to be discovered that make Rimini a paradise for divers. Here are some indications for a submarine tour in the Adriatic sea just in front of Rimini Riviera.

We start with the protected area "Platform Paguro": ideal for both experienced divers and novice. Here you can admire all kinds of fish, starting from the surface with the Cassiopea jellyfish, the largest in the Mediterranean, then gradually descending with shoals of blue fish, mackerel, sardines, skipjacks, mullets and so on. It is not uncommon to even come across dolphins.

The "Pyramids" are an area of ​​artificial diving, created 25 years ago for the reproduction of mussels and now teeming with marine life of all kinds. They are made up of huge iron gabions protected by pyramid-shaped blocks to accommodate fish. Suitable for all types of patent, have a minimum depth of 8 meters and a maximum of 13.

"Tralicci": do you want to dive into space? You are in the right place, because here it seems to be around a spaceship. In this disused methane well made up of 4 gigantic bases, you can make dives suitable for all types of patent, with a minimum depth of 9 meters and a maximum of 26 meters.

"Island of the Roses": here you can immerse yourself into history. Constructed by the Bolognese engineer Giorgio Rosa, on 1 May 1968, it self-proclaimed independent state with an official language (Esperanto), a government, a currency and a postage stamp. It was never formally recognized by any country, was occupied by the police and demolished in 1969. After 40 years were found the remains of the famous island which is now a diving site suitable for everyone given the maximum depth of 12 meters.

"Cargo Zoe 2": Sinked in 1983 with all its load and was found in 2011. Minimum depth 38 meters, maximum depth 67 meters. Wreck 'Cargo Anni': about 20 miles off the coast of Rimini lies the wreck of a cargo ship sunk in 1989 having embarked water in the engine room, remained intact in all its furnishings and equipment, which can also be visited in the cabins , kitchens, various lodgings. Just 50 minutes from Rimini.

"B24 Bomber":The remains of this American bomber plane with 6 50-caliber machine guns are a suitable site for more experienced divers, with a Trimix patent. Depth min. 62 m. - Max. 66 m